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We have cemented ourselves as one of the industry frontrunners, leading the way and providing excellency in all aspects of the entertainment world.

About Us

The Live production industry has grown by leaps and bounds, and for the last decade most South African event companies have not been taking any chances on deploying any average production service. With technology always evolving, it is very essential to stay on top of your game in the industry. Live production has become extensively complicated and needs a lot of continuous research in order for one to stay in touch in this advanced world.

With the ever changing business approach filled with advanced clients in the industry, it is important to constantly research and stay in touch with the most sophisticated technological live production field. We now live in a society that is well informed and know exactly what they are looking for. That can be a big challenge if one doesn’t stay ahead in innovations and new exciting products that are designed to bring about a solution to issues of mutual concern.

Professional service beyond expectation

MURANGI: This means a beginner or the one that leads. This symbolizes our leadership & professionalism attitude towards all our work, this also shows our commitment to venturing into avenues that other organizations are reluctant to explore.

Our Mission

  • To provide our clients with incomparable assistance and service that will fulfil their fantasies and expectations.
  • We aim to interpret our clients visions and exceed their events expectations.

Our Services


State of the art sound system is what we use. We pride ourselves in high-quality sound systems that will make your event memorable.

We use top brands such as JBL, Bss, Dbx, Soundcraft, Shure, Digico, Robe, Grand MA, Dw, Nova Star, Pioneer CDJs to mention just a few.


Let us recommend a range of lighting options that will help you to really engage with your audience and reinforce your message. We can offer a huge range of generic and intelligent lighting options to light up your event and bring your brand to life, including simple lighting hire options, special effect lighting and moving lights and LEDs.

Audio Visual

Our creative approach to Technical Production will enhance any event whether it is indoors or outdoors. No matter the size of event, we deliver the very best service starting with allocating a dedicated Project Manager who will produce your event using the latest technology, innovations and creativity to bring your event to life.

Our Categories

Outdoor Events

We are one of the leading outdoor event production houses in South Africa and beyond. We promise to deliver.

Indoor Events

Whether it is a live DVD recording or Awards ceremony, we will make any indoor event, big or small to be memorable.

Equipment Rentals

We have all your equipment needs, from cables, speakers and lights which you can rent from us.

Our Amazing Clients

Hendrick Nemalili [Managing Director]

The founder the visionary of Murangi Productions, Hendrick has been involved in the sound, audio visual & live production industry for more than two decades. Coming from the Northern part of South Africa [Limpopo Province] Hendrick as he is affectionately called got involved in the local church as a young guitar player.

He went on to study music at the university of Venda where he obtained a degree in music in 1997. In 1998 he graduated with a diploma in teaching, then went on to be employed as a teacher at Tshikevha High School and that completed his versatility.

In 1999 Hendrick went on to study sound engineering at Allenby College in Johannesburg after which he got employed at a company called Hatch as a technician and an assistant engineer and worked for them for 6 years.

In 2007 he joined a company called Wild and Marr, a sound sales company with brands such as JBL, Shure, BSS, etc. As a technical sales and system engineer his responsibilities were to do system design, programming and commissioning of sites. He has worked in so many countries around the world. The man has received so many other certificates under his name. Just to mention a few, JBL VTX certified trainer, Shure Axient certified trainer obtained in Dubai. Clear one system certified programmer obtained from USA.

Hendrick founded Murangi Productions in 2004 where he is serving as a sales and Technical Director and Project Coordinator, he has also proven himself to be one of the most sought after sound engineers for the most leading national musicians. Hendrick has extensive knowledge for business development and brings a lot of quality experience in the company 

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