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The Live production industry has grown by leaps and bounds, and for the last decade most South African event companies have not been taking any chances on deploying any average production service. With technology always evolving, it is very essential to stay on top of your game in the industry.


With two decades worth of experience, we are committed and guaranteed to give you nothing but the best. We are by far the most preferred production company in South Africa and beyond for Sound, Stage, Lighting & LED Screens. We are God led, God is our CEO.


With the most amazing fresh minded crew we are always delivering the best quality in audio as possible.


With the ever changing lighting world ,we are are always ahead with the latest in controllers, mixing consoles and the latest software.


We offer the highest level of creative flexibility while simultaneously providing superior stage building.

Audio Visual

We supply all Audio Visual solutions and equipment for both indoor & outdoor set-ups and events.

Stage Design

We have a highly experienced and competitive team that will do all your conceptual and creative drawings.

Leading the way

We have cemented ourselves as one of the industry frontrunners, leading the way and providing excellency in all aspects of the entertainment world.

We are a BEE Level 1 Company

The founder the visionary of Murangi Productions, Hendrick has been involved in the sound, audio visual &
live production industry for more than two decades. Coming from the Northern part of South Africa [Limpopo
Province] Hendrick as he is affectionately called got involved in the local church as a young guitar player.

Hendrick founded Murangi Productions in 2004 where he is serving as a sales and Technical Director and
Project Coordinator, he has also proven himself to be one of the most sought after sound engineers for the
most leading national musicians. Hendrick has extensive knowledge for business development and brings a
lot of quality experience in the company.


BEE Level 1

Murangi Productions is owned and directed by a young black entrepreneur.

Leaders in innovation

With the ever changing live events world, we are are always ahead with the latest technology.

Leadership & Empowerment

We are committed to empowerment & development of young people directly from school with no experience by offering hands-on training on site. This will help them with customer handling skills & professional customer services. Murangi Productions will provide you with the most effective services in a world class standard at the most affordable price possible.

Murangi Productions is led by managers who are hands-on and very competent, with more than 10 years experience in the entertainment & media industry. The company comprises of well-trained consultants, technicians, engineers & a marketing team who are up to date with technology innovations.

With the most amazing fresh minded crew we are always delivering the best quality in audio as possible. We are proud endorsers of JBL brand speakers in different ranges, Sound Craft mixing consoles, Shure microphones & BBS processing systems, etc.

Our Amazing Clients

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